322 Martinez St. San Antonio TX 78205

“Knowing the law just isn’t enough to provide clients with the best result. Solutions to your legal matters should be tailored to your business’s culture, values, and business objectives.”

Kelli Cubeta

Who we are

Cubeta Law Group is woman-owned law firm that specializes in representing San Antonio businesses and governmental entities of all sizes in the areas of Employment, Contracts, and Litigation. Each of our attorneys have at least 15 years’ experience in the areas of public entity law, employment law, and business law. The firm was started in 2017 to fill a gap in the law firm community to serve clients at more competitive rates and with a more intensive knowledge of each client’s business in order to provide specifically tailored solutions and guidance.

Where is your office located?

The office is located at 322 Martinez St. San Antonio, TX 78205

Can just anyone be an independent contractor (1099 employee)?​

Unfortunately no, as there are very specific tests for who is and is not an independent contractor. Guidelines should be reviewed to ensure that an independent contractor is truly an independent contractor.

Can we just decide to make someone exempt from the FLSA and how do we do that?

Unfortunately, no. The FLSA has very specific guidelines and tests to determine who is exempt and who is not exempt. Additionally, the Department of Labor has recently revised the guidelines and increased the salary cutoffs so please review these before they go into effect on January 1st.

Do we really need to worry about this paid sick leave ordinance?

While the final court ruling is still a way off, the City's implementation date is December 1st with penalties beginning April 1. You and your team should be discussing how the ordinance will affect your company, what your current policies say and whether your company is already more generous than the ordinance requires. At this juncture, I would begin making plans even if you aren't quite executing them yet.

About Us

Cubeta Building History

Lavaca Historic District

The Cubeta Building is a Historic landmark that was originally known as the De Mazieres House. It was built in 1853-54 and used for a Store building that was connected to a residence building. It is located on the corner or Martinez Street and South Alamo Street in downtown San Antonio.